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Panthers debut Hog Molly sandwich, a decadent paean to porky goodness (photos)


When Carolina Panthers fans pay a visit to Bank of America Stadium on Sunday as the home team hosts the Detroit Lions, a couple new concession offerings are sure to entice patrons into feasting upon a heaping helping of porky goodness with a big old bun that serves as a culinary conveyance from hand to mouth.

Behold, the Hog Molly.

The brainchild of Delaware North Sportservice general manager Tom Crocker,, who heads up the operation running concessions at Bank of America Stadium, John Morey, the executive chef for Sportservice at the stadium, the Hog Molly, according to a Charlotte Observer report, boasts “8 ounces of house-smoked (over pecan wood) beef brisket, with a handful of french-fried onions, lots of creamy slaw, barbecue sauce, sliced pickled jalapeno peppers and four slices of bacon, on a Kaiser roll.”

Um, yum. The price? Twelve bucks. Pretty reasonable for stadium fare, especially given the generous portion of pork, not to mention the mouth-watering condiments.

The concept for the sandwich was spawned by a comment made by Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman, who said he wanted more “hog mollies” — in other words, big guys — on the roster, specifically as it relates to the mega-men manning the offensive and defensive lines.

However the sandwich came to be, one thing is certain: It looks absolutely delicious, decadent and from the looks of it, pretty messy.

If fans are not adequately satiated and stuffed after engorging upon the Hog Molly, another new item was developed to tempt their appetites that compliments the sandwich, a scrumptious dessert that costs $7 and lends itself nicely to the possible need to cleanse one’s palate after eating such a savory sandwich.

Ladies and gentlemen: The Whoopie Pie Hog Molly, “an ice cream sandwich using two 5-inch rounds of chocolate cake with a stack of ice cream, a crunchy chocolate layer, Oreo crumbs and a peanut-butter-marshmallow whoopie-pie-like filling.”

Goodness gracious, and let’s throw in a “Holy gutbomb, Batman!” in there for good measure.

If some fan can manage to take down both the Hog Molly and the Whoopie Pie Hog Molly in one sitting, only one thing can be said about their likely condition afterward:

“Th-th-th-that’s all folks,” as Porky Pig always said at the end of a “Looney Tunes” cartoon.

Maybe the esteemed and legendary porker isn’t the best reference for a story about this particular sandwich. Oh well.

(top image via @Panthers)