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Karsten Maas sets world record by hitting golf ball with 14-foot-long driver (video)


Actually, make that a 14-foot-5-inch-long driver. You know, because a 14-foot-long driver isn’t long enough. And to be accurate.

Karsten Maas, a 49-year-old Dane and self-described ‘Trick Golf Artist,” now has his name in the Guinness Book of World Records thanks to his ability to perform the awe-inspiring feat of swinging — and making contact — with a 14-plus-foot-long driver.

In a total — and much less salacious — alteration of a popular phrase, Maas demonstrates that “It’s not the man’s game, it’s the size of his stick.” Or something.

Maas now is the man known as the record-holder for his successful use of the world’s “Longest Usable Golf Club.”

Perhaps most impressive is that Maas drove the ball over 542 feet (about 180 yards) at something called the “Golf in Wall” in Wall, Germany.

Just as impressive as actually making contact is the follow-through, as the club rotates around and above his head three full times.

“The golf club is made out of common materials for a golf club,” said Mass, according to Eye on Golf. “It has to be light and it has to be stiff so I can swing it with control as it’s uncontrollable if it flexes too much.”

Maas joked that no one should expect to see him lugging that thing around a course during a round.

“The weight and length of the club make striking the ball really exhausting,” Maas told Guinness.  Plus I don’t have a caddy!”

(top image via Guinness)