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Emmitt Smith tweets image of Cowboys fan’s absurdly massive back tattoo (photo)


While spending some time in Las Vegas this week, Dallas Cowboys running back legend Emmitt Smith crossed paths with an obviously devout, devoted and arguably demented Cowboys fan whose ginormous back tattoo abundantly illustrates this fellow had gone to great lengths in his pursuit of the mantra, “Gotta support the team.”

Smith thankfully took to Twitter on Friday to share a stupefying photo of the Cowboys-loving cuss’ impressive ink.

The man proudly lifted his shirt for Smith so the Hall of Famer could properly showcase the significant amount of his Cowboys-centric back ink. Smith probably was so blown away by the tattoo he was at a loss for words. Or he just began to make words up … that is if he adhered to the creative and bizarrely eloquent way he routinely murders the English language.

In any event, it’s quite the tattoo. It’s a good thing the guy has a little extra girth on the sides, the flesh commonly referred to as a “spare tire.” Had he not had that extra skin, the tattoo artist probably would have had to drastically decrease the size of the letters in “COWBOYS” on the fella’s lower back. And that would have been a shame.

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