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Billy Horschel won’t leave tourney if wife goes into labor: ‘$10M is a lot of money’


Billy Horschel was presented of a humdinger of a conundrum heading into the Tour Championship this week with no viable option available that would satisfy many competing interests. But win or lose on the course this weekend, Horschel undoubtedly will walk away a winner in a wholly different respect.

Horschel’s wife, Brittany, is home in Florida expecting the couple’s first child, due within the next two weeks. The 27-year-old golfer, meanwhile, is hundreds of miles away at the East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, Ga.

Typically, when situations like these arise, sensible folks — and that’s not everyone — completely understand if a sports personality opts to forgo a game, a series, a tournament, what have you, in order to be by their spouse’s side during the delivery.

Heck, there’s even a precedent set for this kind of situation in golf. Hunter Mahan withdrew from the RBC Canadian Open last year before the third round so he could fly back to the States to be with his wife Kandi to be present at the birth of his daughter, Zoe. Mahan happened to be leading at the tournament at the time, too.

Horschel obviously would be afforded the same understandable and acceptable option as Mahan — and under similar circumstances, as he currently sits atop the leaderboard as clubhouse leader, holding a two-stroke lead over Jason Day, Rory McIlroy and Chris Kirk with an 8-under score after two rounds.

Despite the available option, Horschel intends to stay where he is, right in Atlanta, even if his wife happens to go into labor over the weekend.

Why? Because $10 million is a lot of money, that’s why.

That amount is the share of the purse the winner of the Tour Championship receives, a monumental payday to put it mildly. The chance to pocket that kind of money simply is too much to pass up for Horschel.

“We have decided that if she goes into labor while I’m playing, I will just keep playing, because $10 million is a lot of money and I’m not going to pass that by,” Horschel said, via the New York Post. “And I’ll just fly home after the round and fly back a couple hours later, spend some time with them.”

Horschel has been playing a heavy schedule as of late, and he’d hate to see all the effort he has put into getting himself in this position be all for naught.

“This is my sixth week in a row. I haven’t played more than three events in a row this year,” Horschel said, who has earned $8 million in his entire career. “But I have no issues with that. Listen, this is the FedEx Cup playoffs. If you can’t get yourself in shape and get up for it on a daily basis, then why are you playing this game?

“It’s our playoffs. It’s like the World Series or the NBA championships and NFL playoffs. And we’re all tired and we’ve just got to figure how to put it out of our mind and go out and play golf.”

But what about his wife? Is she okay with this arrangement?

“My wife is totally on board,” Horschel said, via Eye on Golf. “My wife played golf at the University of Florida. She’s a golfer. She understands what this victory and FedEx Cup playoffs and what it all means. I’ve probably got the greatest wife out here, in my mind.”

He’s got that right. And it’s all good, too, so long as Horschel and his wife are on the same page. Everything else, including the opinions of others, matters little.

And $10 million would buy an awful lot of diapers, that’s for sure. Among other things.

(image via @britt_horschel)