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Paul George defends Ray Rice on Twitter, promptly deletes tweets, apologizes


Everybody obviously has an opinion on the entire Ray Rice controversy. That does not mean, though, that every person should be expressing said opinion.

Paul George is one of those people.

The Indiana Pacers star took to Twitter on Thursday morning to express his rather bizarre opinion on Ray Rice, indicating that we should all remember the details of how things played out … or at least his interpretation of how things played out.

George clearly states that he doesn’t condone domestic violence, but that does not mean he agrees with the NFL’s decision to suspend Rice indefinitely, nor does he believe that it should be forgotten that Janay Rice (then Palmer) attacked Rice first.

Let’s allow George to fall down the social media gaffe rabbit hole all on his own. Here are his tweets, since deleted, in chronological order.


Shortly before deleting nearly every tweet related to his deep thoughts on Rice, George dropped this one on his followers:


As noted above, the tweets have since been deleted, so George completed Step 1 of the “Social Media Gaffe Mea Culpa.” Step 2, an apology, followed shortly afterward.

Sometimes, clicking on that “Tweet” button is about the stupidest thing a person can do. Paul George clearly has not learned that lesson before Thursday morning. But he’s about to.

An apology does not take away the ignorance of his original comments and how ill-informed George comes off about the issue of domestic violence.