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Elderly Cornhuskers fan wants team to turn down ‘hop-hop hogwash’ during games


An elderly Nebraska Cornhuskers fan took the time recently to write a strongly worded letter to the esteemed institute of higher learning bemoaning the blasting of modern music not pleasing to his aging ears, a style he dismissively refers to as “hip-hop hogwash.”

The letter (via, image via @erinsorensen):


In Crete? Does he mean the Greek island? Probably not.

Also: He would appreciate it if all those goshdarn kids would stay of his lawn, for crying out loud.

It’s a thoughtful and polite missive that articulates his misgivings with all the hippety-hoppety hogwash, certainly not something a person is likely to hear at a Husker hootenanny or what have you.

It is disappointing, however, that the gentlemen did not manage to sneak in a “consarn it” into the letter. You know, to more adequately emphasize his thoughts in an exclamatory fashion.

But as far as his allusion to the team playing more acceptable music during games, “the kind that Dr. Tom Osborne could enjoy,” goes, everybody knows that Osborne is all about the Jeezy. The rough sounds of the Wu-Tang Clan has been known to emanate out of Osborne’s office as well from time to time, if the mood to go old school should strike him. Sometimes Tupac. That’s just how Oz rolls.

It appears that angry letters to teams, newspapers and such is becoming an entertaining trend as of late. First it was the St. Louis Cardinals fan irate over “pornographic” Hardee’s ads airing during ball games. Then it was the Green Bay Packers fan who was offended by the images of women’s bras being shown on the Lambeau Field Jumbotron. Now this.

Consarn it.