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Donald Trump trolls Obama on Twitter after his courses denied President tee time


A relatively innocuous and silly story emerged this week regarding how Winged Foot, Trump National and Willow Ridge, all courses owned by Donald Trump, turned down the President’s request for a tee time over Labor Day Weekend.

As noted by Devil Ball Golf, the decision to rebuff Obama’s request was purely related to and motivated by financial considerations. Courses are forced to essentially shut down when POTUS plays a round due to security concerns, and to shut out and clear out the scheduled tee times on a holiday weekend would be a pretty damaging financial blow.

Trump, playing the role of Twitter troll, a character he inhabits quite expertly quite often, took to social media on Thursday to offer Obama an offer he surely can and will refuse.

Haha. What a wisenheimer. It’s truly shocking that Trump would use this story as a means to zing the President and attract attention to himself.

Just imagine if Rosie O’Donnell had been turned down for a tee time. That would have gotten really ugly. Something tells me the President isn’t going to engage Trump on Twitter over this one. Or anything else, for that matter.