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Gene Simmons calls Derek Jeter ‘a powerful and attractive man’ in KISS tribute (video)

For some reason known perhaps only to the New York Yankees and Major League Baseball — although it may be because the band formed in NYC in 1973 — the current lineup of the seminal rock band KISS — Peter Criss and Ace Frehley presumably passed along their respective best wishes via their MySpace pages — recorded a video tribute for the retiring Derek Jeter.

What? Weren’t the fellas from Foghat available?

Well, it is what it is: KISS paid tribute to Derek Jeter. The results? A tad awkward. We’re talking early 80s, no makeup, “Lick it Up” kind of awkward.

Via Big League Stew:

“Hey Yankees fans,” Stanley says. “We know something about longevity; After all, we’ve been doing this 40 years!”

And then Simmons spoke and stuck his tongue out: “Hey, Derek, congratulations on 20 great years in pinstripes. You’re a powerful and attractive man!”

Huh. That’s … interesting. A powerful and attractive man? While that assessment of Jeter is indisputably accurate, it nevertheless is a very strange way in which to characterize the man.