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Blue Jays welcome lion, tiger into clubhouse as team makes playoff push (photos)


The Toronto Blue Jays find themselves a healthy 3 1/2 games back in the race for the American League’s second wild card spot. With 17 games remaining on the schedule, time is running short to put on a run down the stretch.

So, to send a motivational jolt through the clubhouse while there’s still time to make a go of it, the team welcomed a baby tiger and baby lion into it on Wednesday.

The decision to bring in the two wild yet adorable felines revolved around the Survivor pump-up classic, “Eye of the Tiger,” a song popularized by its inclusion in “Rocky III” and apparently a theme taken on by the Blue Jays for the playoff push.

Jose Bautista, Marcus Stroman, Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Reyes were among the players who posted images of the itty bitty kitties.

The stunt apparently was organized by pitcher Mark Buehrle, who reportedly met the owner of a small zoo recently and made the necessary arrangements, according to a National Post report.

The tactic looks to have worked out perfectly as well, as Toronto went out and put a whooping on the Chicago Cubs, winning walking away by a score of 11-1.

Question: Setting aside the fact that lions, tigers and blue jays occupy completely different habitats, wouldn’t nature dictate that the two felines would be considered mortal enemies by any bird? Just a thought.

Then again, bringing in a bunch of blue jays into the clubhouse sounds doesn’t lend to a very motivational mood. Also, Survivor, nor any other 1980s rock retreads, ever wrote a song entitled “Eye of the Blue Jay” or any variation upon that theme.

(top image via Jose Reyes/Instagram)