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Terrell Suggs wears shirt to troll Mike Tomlin over ‘Sidelinegate’ (photo)


Terrell Suggs, no stranger to using messages on his shirt to send messages to opposing teams in order to tweak them over perceived past transgressions, was back at it again on Wednesday, rocking a shirt that took a jab at Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin.

One of the bigger stories from last season involved Tomlin appearing to interfere with Baltimore Ravens return man Jacoby Jones’ previously unimpeded route to the end zone on a return during a game last November. The Steelers coach appeared to step out onto the field just as Jones was running down the sideline where he was standing.

Because of the subtle interference, Jones ultimately was tackled before reaching the end zone. Tomlin and the Steelers were later fined $100,000 for Tomlin’s trespassing, and it appeared all was said and done on the topic. Case closed, right?

Nope. Not by a mile.

Suggs busted out a t-shirt on Tuesday taking a shot at Tomlin ahead of the teams’ Week 2 showdown on Thursday night (via @Steelers).


Zing! Along with the image of Tomlin stepping out in Jones’ way, the shirt features the message, “WE WILL NEVER FORGET,” along with “THE NORTH REMEMBERS,” a clever reference to “Game of Thrones,” specifically the Starks and Winterfell.


The fiery Ravens linebacker rocked the shirt during his media availability, cracking wise and taking a humorous shot at Tomlin.

Tomlin, meanwhile, when asked if he intended to be a member of Pittsburgh’s coverage teams Thursday, joked, “No, I won’t be,” Tomlin reportedly told Baltimore reporters during a Tuesday conference call, according to “Tell Jacoby he’s safe.”

As mentioned above, Suggs has a proclivity for passive-aggressive messages via t-shirt. Back in 2011, he issued a middle finger salute to the city of Pittsburgh. So, yeah, this is old hat to Suggs. Or old shirt, in this instance.