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This Ravens wedding cake topper fortunately is no longer for sale on Etsy (photo)


Ooh, that’s a shame. While in no way trying to make light of the horrible story involving Ray Rice’s shameful conduct and reprehensible treatment of his now-wife during that horrific night at an Atlantic City casino back in February, this above item illustrates how even items available for sale on Etsy, of all places, can be a causality of a tragically unfortunate sequence of events beyond the maker’s control.

The above Baltimore Ravens wedding cake topper, while arguably humorous absent of the Ray Rice controversy — and the merits of whether the item is in fact humorous absent the Ray Rice situation could be debated as well — certainly cannot be deemed a purchasable item by any sane individual at this point.

That is probably why it is no longer available for purchase on Etsy, as of Wednesday. Instead, it has been replaced with a Chicago Bears helmet.

But on Tuesday? This apparently could have been purchased for $64.99. Thank goodness the purveyor of this item recognized how selling this item at this point was now in poor taste.[H/T Bro Bible]