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Panthers zing over ‘Colin Kaepernick: Man of Steel?’ tweet (photos)


The San Francisco 49ers and Carolina Panthers may not even play one another during the 2014 NFL regular season, but that does not mean some good-natured back and forth can’t be in play.

The Niners and Panthers of course both played in the NFL West from 1995, Carolina’s first year in the league, until realignment separated the squads in 2002.

Perhaps some residual animosity exists between the two teams or maybe it’s just that the Panthers were a trifle offended by to have the apparent audacity to pose a question on Twitter about the possibility that 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick could be Superman. was not actually implying that Kaepernick is in fact Superman. Instead, it was merely linking to an article about a quote from 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh relating to the Kaepernick-Superman comparison. The Panthers nevertheless were quite offended — albeit in a humorous nature — about the perceived slight directed at their franchise quarterback, Cam Newton, taking to Twitter to express their tongue-in-cheek unhappiness.

Well played. Of course, given the nature of Newton’s celebratory move, Superman obviously is a more apropos moniker for him than for Kaepernick.

Kaep, meanwhile, is all about the bicep kiss. Too bad there aren’t any superheroes that have that as an identifying move.

It warrants a mention, though, that Kaepernick did bust out Newton’s “Superman” move before busting out the bicep kiss in the playoffs in January during San Francisco’s 23-10 playoff win.


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