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Puritanical Packers fan complains about women’s bras on Lambeau’s Jumbotrons


A Green Bay Packers fan wrote a letter to editor at the city’s Press Gazette newspaper this week to complain about the semi-salacious sight he beheld while taking in a preseason game at Lambeau Field a few weeks ago.

The fan specifically was offended when a woman was shown on the venerable stadium’s videoboard lifting up her shirt and another wearing nothing up top save for a — gasp — sports bra.

Cue the Helen Lovejoy-level histrionics.

The letter in its entirety, penned (or typewritten) by a male Packers fan residing in Hobart, Wisc.

After attending the Green Bay Packers preseason game on Aug. 28 I was appalled that the camera operators showed fans in the stadium such as a woman lifting up her shirt and another in a sports bra.

This is from a Packers organization that will not allow opponents cheerleaders to perform because of their revealing uniforms. This is rather two-faced and should be better controlled.

Do we really want to teach our many young children in attendance that this is acceptable behavior?

The fan makes several salient points about the perceivable double-standard employed by the team as it relates to sports bra-flashing fans and cheerleaders.

Like most NFL stadiums, the kind of behavior that can be witnessed in the stands in Lambeau Field during a Packers game are not often children-friendly or G-rated.

Often fueled by the over-consumption of booze before heading into the stadium that is further exacerbated by copious amounts of liquor smuggled in, not to mention the beer that flows like wine inside, chances are good that a significant proportion of the fans are pretty lubed up, to say the least, just like every other stadium on every other Sunday.

Odds are the salacious display of exhibitionism perpetrated by the ladies mentioned in the letter may have been fueled by liquor. It does not excuse their conduct, but loosened inhibitions are loosened inhibitions are loosened inhibitions.

Further, the display of ladies showcasing their sports bras is a tried and true tradition at Lambeau Field, often showing their dedication to the team by braving the sometimes frigid temperatures of a Wisconsin winner sans shirt or coat. To wit:

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Sometimes, it even involves Cheese Bras, the brassiere version of the yellow foam chunks of cheddar routinely adorning the heads of Packers fans.

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Nice look. For any ladies out there interested, multiple online retail outlets sell this understated and classy item. Amazon has it for $32.99. What a deal.

In the end, while the fellow makes a point, much like the St. Louis Cardinals fan offended by “pornographic” Hardee’s ads aired during the team’s ball games on television, it’s unlikely that he will see the end of the debauchery. Maybe the person in charge of deciding what is shown on the Jumbotron may exhibit more discretion, but female Packers fans will continue to rock sports bras and sports bras only up top, like it or lump it.

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