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Despite erroneous Twitter gossip, Josh Gordon has not sold his first car (photo)


The news that Josh Gordon landed a job serving as goodwill ambassador — among other dealership responsibilities — for Sarchione Auto Group in Randolph, Ohio. while serving his season-long suspension was an amusing aside that also served as a solid public relations move for both the dealership and the Cleveland Browns wide receiver.

Gordon apparently also would be selling cars, among other dealership-related duties and responsibilities, during his tenure as Sarchione Auto Group employee.

A photograph began circulating around social media on Tuesday that indicated Gordon had closed his first car sale, thereby presumably meaning finally he would not be told to “Put that coffee down!” by some smarmy, bigwig suit at the dealership.

Several posts on Twitter were variations of the above, but there was one problem: The photo as it was originally posted — by the man appearing in it with Gordon — made no mention of the two hammering out a deal on a new or gently used vehicle.

Dave Pernicano, the gentlemen featured above alongside Gordon, insists that he was only at the dealership to obtain an autograph from Gordon. Busted Coverage’s Joe Kinsey conducted an interview with Pernicano via a Q&A on Twitter, and the gentlemen laid out how the entire meet-and-greet played out.

Pernicano said that Gordon was as nice as can be.

So, there you have it. Despite reports indicating otherwise, Josh Gordon has not sold his first car. And if we’ve learned anything from “Glengarry Glen Ross,” coffee is for closers only, so Gordon better get cracking if he wants a dealership-provided cup of Joe.

It is worth noting that it wasn’t the dealership that was disseminating the inaccurate information. It simply was a case of a purloined pic and a subsequent case of Twitter gossip gone awry.

Read the entire Twitter Q&A between BC and Pernicano here.