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LFL’s Carmen Bourseau calls Ray Rice a ‘f**king’ coward,’ challenges him (video)


Sure, this video featuring Los Angeles Temptation running back Carmen Bourseau passionately pontificating on the Ray Rice controversy should be deemed nothing more than a publicity by the Legends Football League (f/k/a Lingerie Football League).

But listening to Bourseau as she barely controls her emotion as she challenges Rice to strap on some gear and face the fury of some very angry LFL players seems to indicate that she means exactly what she is saying, no matter if the organization that employs her is simply attempting to attract some attention.

Essentially, it’s compelling theater, no matter its true intent.

Here’s the gist of Bourseau’s reasonable but threatening salvo directed at the disgraced former Baltimore Ravens running back.

“The LFL invites you for one down of football get to get your ass handed to you by one of our female athletes. You f**king coward.”


Hoo boy.

As explained in the video’s YouTube description:

Fast becoming the world’s most high profile female athletes, the ladies of the LFL felt strongly that it was their duty to send a message to Baltimore Raven’s Ray Rice who allegedly struck his fiancé in the face.

Los Angeles Temptation running back Carmen Bourseau did just that, challenging Ray Rice to come play one down against an LFL athlete – so we can punch you in the mouth.

There has been plenty of fallout in the aftermath of the what has been learned and seen since the release of the graphic video earlier this week that detailed the ugliness that transpired in that Atlantic City casino elevator on that night back in February, but this is easily the most outwardly — and rightfully — hostile. Again, hoo boy.

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