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Brett Favre competed in a triathlon under the alias ‘Brett Lorenzo’ (pics)


In case anyone is wondering, Brett Favre is indeed staying incredibly fit during his retirement, which means that an NFL comeback may only be a telephone call away.

Okay, that may be stretching it a bit, but between the gunslinger’s frequent appearances over the past year or so resembling some kind of steroid-addled panhandler — it was the magnificently unkempt beard that completed the “Musclebound Hobo” look — and the news that the now-44-year-old future Hall of Famer participated in a sprint triathlon over the weekend? Well, never say never.

Favre participated in Brett Robinson Alabama Coastal Triathlon in Gulf Shores, Ala., a true test of athletic ability and endurance, along with his wife, Deanna.

A sprint triathlon is shorter than a standard triathlon and consists of 300-yard swim, a 10-mile bike ride followed by a two-mile run. Favre finished the race in 1:03:27, good for third place in the Clysdale: 40-98 Division (whatever that means).  Deanna, meanwhile, finished the race in 52:32, topping her hubby.

Arguably the best part of the story is Favre attempted to compete in the race incognito, registering under the alias, “Brett Lorenzo,” with Lorenzo being his middle name.

But no name alteration can change the appearance of the Ol’ Gunslinger, who was recognized by at least one onlooker, if not more.

Now that’s a great alias. Brett Lorenzo. Sure, it’s not Ron Mexico — an alias once used by Michael Vick — but a pretty solid alter ego name for a quarterback nevertheless.

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