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Young bear wanders onto golf course, proceeds to dance with flagstick (video)

I’ve heard of the “Golden Bear” dazzling onlookers with a stellar performance on the green but a “Dancing Bear”? That’s preposterous!

There really isn’t much to add to this post. It’s a little bear who has wandered onto a golf course and finds himself or herself mesmerized by the flagstick on a green.

Watch as he or she twirls and twirls around while grasping the flagstick. It is so gosh-darned adorable it’s hard not to crack a smile at this little bugger’s antics.

It appears that Mama Bear is standing idly by in the background, allowing her offspring to have some fun, all the while observing good golf course etiquette. Because we all know, when a flagstick-dancing session is in effect, courtesy dictates that all other golfers — or bears — should leave the entire green to the dancer.

Well, at least that should be how it’s done. It’s probably one of the few on-course situations that doesn’t have a rule dictating acceptable procedure and protocol in the “Rules of Golf.”

And one last thought: Happening upon this scene would be about the only time I wouldn’t take the offer to play through. Because bears can’t talk, you see. How would you know if that’s what the bear wanted you to do? Think about it, people.

[H/T SB Nation]