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Roy Hibbert showcases police officer’s random act of kindness on Instagram (pic)


Given the amount of strife, mistrust and hostility currently wreaking havoc upon the already-fragile relationship that exists between some communities and the police departments that patrol them, Roy Hibbert felt it important to showcase how officers are capable of doing some truly wonderful things on behalf of communities, oftentimes with no one noticing.

The Indiana Pacers superstar happened upon a chance encounter between a homeless person and an Indianapolis cop as he sat in traffic.

The officer was giving the man, who was standing on a street corner holding a sign, a pair of boots.

Hibbert writes on Instagram, “Just seen an Indy police officer pull over. Go into his trunk n give a homeless guy a pair of shiny boots. #COPS”

This touching image elicits memories of the New York officer Lawrence DePrimo who was photographed giving a barefoot homeless man a pair of shoes on a cold night in November 2012.

Hibbert spoke about the incident afterward with BuzzFeed.

The homeless man shook his head in disbelief and appeared to thank the officer, Hibbert said.

“He just walked back into his car and drove away,” Hibbert said.

The officer couldn’t have known the NBA center was just a few cars away and would share the encounter to his 180,000 Instagram followers. The Pacers have also reached out to the police department to try to identify the officer; Hibbert said he’d like to give him a few tickets to show his appreciation.

At a time when the excessive force of some officers has caught headlines, Hibbert said he wanted to bring attention to the acts of good that aren’t as visible.

“Not all police officers are what you hear about in Ferguson,” he said. “This type of stuff you don’t hear about too often.”

Indeed. Well done, Mr. Hibbert. In this day and age, reminders such as these are more needed than ever.