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Rhode Island’s Mike Rinaldi bloodied after getting drilled in face by helmet (pic/vid)


Easily the most gruesome and ghastly image to emerge from the weekend that was in college football is the aftermath of what happened to Rhode Island Rams defensive lineman Mike Rinaldi after losing his helmet during a play.

In Saturday’s game against the Marshall Thundering Herd, Rinaldi was in the process of making a tackle down near the goal line when his helmet was knocked off.

As he was being dragged helmet-less by the ball carrier, his teammate, linebacker Naiquan Thomas, came in to attempt to finish off the tackle. The trouble was instead of hitting the running back, Thomas’ helmet made violent contact with the exposed face of Rinaldi.

The result? A gory, disturbing mess, with Rinaldi’s face covered in his own blood.

Rhode Island posted a photo documenting the gore.

Good lord. Rinaldi appears more gladiator than college football player.

To add insult to injury, the Rams were blown out by the Thundering Herd, losing by a score of 42-7.

To paraphrase the ominous warnings by J. Walter Weatherman on “Arrested Development,” this is why you always wear your helmet, football players.

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