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Eli Manning’s woeful performance yields glorious ‘Manningface’ displays (pics/vids)


In a game that almost felt over shortly after it began, the New York Giants delivered a clunker of a performance on Monday night, getting whipped by the Detroit Lions by a score of 35-14.

Topping the list, but definitely not the sole contributor to the debacle, to New York’s woeful showing at Ford Field on “Monday Night Football” was the sub-par performance from Eli Manning, who looked at times baffled, confused, dejected and angry, sometimes all the aforementioned negative emotions at once.

Manning’s numbers were particularly troublesome, as the veteran signal-caller looked overwhelmed at times attempting to run the team’s new offense, going 18-33 for 163 yards with two interceptions and one touchdown.

In a point driven into the ground by ESPN’s Jon Gruden during the “MNF” telecast, the amount of hand gestures, signals and seemingly panicked gesticulations Manning is forced to utilize during his pre-snap reads borders on ridiculous, at least at this point in time with the offensive system in its infancy.

But nothing illustrates Eli’s struggles more than the alarming frequency in which he displayed the patented familial “Manningface.”

To wit (via Next Impulse Sports):

eli-manning-manningface-6 eli-manning-manningface-3 eli-manning-manningface-2 eli-manning-manningface-1 eli-manning-manningface-4

Brilliant. This is exactly why “Manningface” was incorporated into “Madden 15.”

Oh, and then there was this one (via Fansided):

But the best “Manningface” displayed by Eli had to be following the interception by Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy, when the intended receiver didn’t even turn around, perhaps missing Manning changing the play at the line. With Manning watching the replay from the sidelines, here was his reaction:

Ooh, looks like Manning dropped some salty language right there — an f-bomb, even — a brash departure from his typical Howdy Doody, “Aw, Shucks” demeanor. A “Leaping lizards! Fiddlesticks!” would have been far more in character.