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NOOOOO!!! A ‘pissed off’ Tom Brady shaves off beard following loss to Dolphins

Tom Brady was not a happy camper Sunday after the New England Patriots blew a 10-point halftime lead and lost to the Miami Dolphins by a score of 33-20.

Brady was particularly miffed over how the Patriots were outscored 23-0 in the second half (via

“They made a couple of adjustments, they got us… a couple of negative plays in the run game. Then we had a couple penalties, and then the turnover on the fumble on the strip sack, and that just pumped a lot of air into them. Next thing you know we have a 10 point lead and then we go from that to giving our defense a short field which we never want to do. They capitalized. The score was even at that point and we just couldn’t do anything offensively to kind of turn the momentum back. Then they got ahead by three and they got ahead more and we still weren’t making the right plays and the overall execution in the passing game wasn’t what it needed to be so, it’s a frustrating day because we’re a better team than what we showed but we certainly weren’t that yesterday and you’re not going to win a lot of games in the NFL just the way we played there in the second half.”

It is certainly understandable that Brady and company were profoundly disappointed by such a woeful second-half performance and subsequent loss, but it’s how the Patriots veteran signal-caller dealt with his disappointment that is somewhat curious.

He shaved off his majestic, highly stylish beard. Say it ain’t so, Tommy Boy.

“The beard’s gone,” Brady said Monday, quoted in a report. “I was really pissed off in this morning. [Gisele] is very happy it’s gone. Kids didn’t mind.”

Gisele apparently was not a fan of Brady sporting the scruffy look, which makes it surprising that the facial hair lasted as long as it did. Brady previously admitted that he’s prone to throwing temper tantrums to get Gisele’s attention, but shaving off his beard probably generated attention of a more positive variety than when she has to scold him for his supposedly, self-admitted, childish meltdowns.

The amount of coverage and attention generated by Brady’s beard — even by major media outlets — really speaks to how the quarterback has transcended the world of football and evolved into a certifiable fashion icon.

Here’s how Brady looked during his post-game presser on Sunday, the last time his beard was seen in public before it was scapegoated and victimized by Brady’s anger and frustration.



No photographs have surfaced as of yet documenting the quarterback’s  impulsive transition from Bearded Brady to freshly-scrubbed, Clean Cut Tommy. It’s something to look forward to this week, I guess.

One thing I do know, however, is that Brady’s decision to shave his beard is the most controversial development involving his appearance since Black Eye-Gate last October. Those were pretty heady and tense times, my friend.

But fair thee well, Brady’s Beard. It was a nice run. Perhaps a triumphant return of the facial hair will occur someday … so long as Gisele is cool with it.