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Stadium crew scoops up Broncos mascot Thunder’s poop during Sunday’s game (pic)


One of the risks inherent to having a real-life animal as a mascot is that animals by nature are known to relieve themselves pretty much whenever nature calls. Evidence of that fact was illustrated during Sunday night’s showdown between the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

Stadium personnel workers were spotted on the field — during the game, even (the Colts’ offense was mere yards away in a huddle)  — armed with two shovels which were used to scoop up the droppings of Thunder, the Broncos’ equine mascot.

Well, the assumption is that it was Thunder’s poop on the field, not the work of some random human.

Talk about a crappy job, am I right?

I like how two guys are scooping poop while another fella looks on, apparently serving in some kind of supervisory capacity. Did the three draw straws to determine who would serve as impromptu pooper-scoopers or was it based on seniority? Inquiring minds want to know. Or not.

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