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Rory McIlroy, Sergio Garcia mocked Caroline Wozniacki at BMW Championship? (vid)


Rory McIlroy and Sergio Garcia appeared to be having a good laugh while seemingly yucking it up at Caroline Wozniacki’s expense during Saturday’s play at the BMW Championship.

As the two Euro golfers waited to tee off, McIlroy appeared to be pantomiming how his former fiancée had gotten her racquet tangled up in her hair during a match at the U.S. Open in a bizarre equipment malfunction.

Look at those wisenheimers. One would think McIlroy has done enough to embarrass poor Wozniacki, but apparently he does not share that opinion. All in all, it’s a relatively harmless jest — if that is in fact what he was doing, which is about the only possible thing he was mimicking — and perhaps Woz had it coming after seemingly mocking Rory in an Instagram post when she appeared to crack a joke at McIlroy’s expense in reference to his height.

McIlroy received a fair share of criticism earlier this year in light of the methods through which he broke it off with Wozniacki, arguably in shameful fashion, allegedly cutting her loose and ending the couple’s engagement during a three-minute phone call

The two in the end seem to be getting on quite nicely post-breakup, at least as it relates to their professions. McIlroy has enjoyed the best year of his young career, winning several tournaments, highlighted by the British Open and PGA Championship.

Wozniacki, meanwhile, appears to have completely turned around her career, playing well in the months that followed the breakup and even reaching the U.S. Open Final on Sunday where she lost to Serena Williams.

Still, no matter how bad McIlroy came off given his rather insensitive conduct when breaking up with Wozniacki, it looks like it may have been the best thing for both parties.

But if we’re keeping score, it looks like Rory is fairing far better in moving on in his personal life, as the young golfer has been spotted out and about with not one, but two fetching lasses in recent months.