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Graphic footage released of Ray Rice punching then-fiancee during casino incident (vid)


TMZ has obtained the footage of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching then-fiancée (now wife) Janay Palmer in an elevator during the February incident at the Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City.

Footage of Rice dragging the unconscious Palmer out of the elevator previously was released in February. The shockingly graphic and profoundly disturbing video released Monday reveals what precipitated the originally released surveillance footage documenting what external security cameras outside the elevator captured.

The video, documenting what occurred in the elevator during the Feb. 15 incident, appears to show Rice striking first and then Palmer retaliating before Rice unloads on Palmer, knocking her to the ground but not before she hits her head on the elevator railing.

The aforementioned footage follows below, but viewer discretion is advised as it contains disturbingly graphic scenes of violence.

Rice of course was suspended two games by the NFL in relation to the incident, a course of action widely criticized and condemned as being too soft on Rice  given the deplorable nature of his conduct. Roger Goodell originally defended the suspension but it was later announced by the NFL that it intended to impose tougher penalties in future domestic violence cases.

Even though the NFL may be trying to clean up the mess it created with Rice’s suspension, the release of the elevator camera footage only makes its decision on Rice’s paltry suspension appear that much more disgraceful. Both Rice and the NFL come out looking even worse now, which is shocking enough in its own right given how bad the two appeared from the onset of the announcement of the suspension, not to mention the troubling details related to the incident before the punishment was meted out.