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Nothing to be proud of Russ: Arkansas St. players named ‘Clark’ and ‘Griswold’ (pic)


In a delightful bit of whimsical surname synergy, the Arkansas State Red Wolves football team boasts two players whose names, when combined, share the same name as one of film’s most beloved comic characters.

Yep, meet offensive lineman Jemar Clark and tight end Darion Griswold. During Saturday’s game against the Tennessee Volunteers, the two were captured in a fantastic screengrab and the result was “CLARK” and “GRISWOLD.” the name of the bumbling but lovable patriarch in the National Lampoon “Vacation” movies portrayed by Chevy Chase.


Utterly fantastic. Obviously, the quality of the films seriously degraded as the series went on, but the first two films, “Vacation” and “European Vacation,” rank among the best comedies of the past 30 years. The last two are far below the quality of the first two — especially “Vegas Vacation” — but “Christmas Vacation” is alright, especially during the holidays, if only for Cousin Eddie (as portrayed by Randy Quaid). Who can forget the “Sh**ter’s full” scene?

In any event, it falls outside the realm of realistic probability that such a coincidence as having players on a team having the names of “Clark” and “Griswold” on the same team would ever occur. But if some time down the road there happen to be two players on any kind of team named “Irwin” and “Fletcher”? Well, that would just be freaky-deaky, man.

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