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Kid writes cute letter asking for Neil Walker autograph, Pirates reply shamefully (pic)


The story on this one pretty much tells itself. An 8-year-old Pittsburgh Pirates fan named Colin apparently sent an adorable, handwritten letter to the team asking if Neil Walker, his favorite player, would be so kind as to sign a baseball card.

Colin even mentions that he hopes Walker feels better, probably in reference to his stint on the 15-day DL back in June (the letter is dated June 16) after experiencing abdominal pain and later undergoing appendectomy surgery.

The Pirates, in the organization’s infinite wisdom, replied with a form letter that allegedly demands money in exchange for providing said service.

For shame.

Hopefully, Walker hears about what happened to this poor kid and sends the lad a big box full of autographed memorabilia. And then has a talk with the Pirates about intercepting his fan mail. At least we can hope that a heartless, faceless and cold corporate entity was behind this and not a living, breathing human being with a heart. That’s not too much to ask. Is it?

[H/T SB Nation]