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Maryland Terrapins musclebound mascot is reptilian nightmare fuel (video)


GAH! The Maryland Terrapins football team is in its infancy as a member of the Big Ten as it navigates its way through its first season in the new conference.

With the team’s first Big Ten game on Sept. 27 against the Indiana Hoosiers, perhaps that is the motivation behind the team releasing a hype video that will not only pump fans up, it may psychologically traumatize opposing Big Ten fan bases.

If the AC/DC soundtrack wasn’t disturbing enough, the one-minute video features highlights and whatnot interspersed with truly terrifying appearances by the team’s imposing, intimidating and flat-out disturbing version of its mascot, Testudo.

Suffice to say, Testudo looks like a demon-spawned incarnation of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on steroids.

Just to drive the point home, D.C. Sports Bog culled some screengrabs from the video to better illustrate that the Terrapin is one certifiable piece of reptilian nightmare fuel … to wit:

terrapins-mascot-3 terrapins-mascot

What the heck? It’s like a turtle laid an egg in the sand right over a pit of Hell and somehow the egg plummeted down into the damning flames and this is the hell-spawned creature that emerged.

Scary stuff. It’s like something out of an old “Spawn” comic or a creature dreamed up  in the creatively depraved mind of Clive Barker or Guillermo del Toro.