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Madden 15 GIFERATOR deems ‘Rice’ and ‘Welker’ banned words, ‘Gordon’ okay (pics)


Everybody seems to be going crazy over this highfalutin “Madden 15 GIFERATOR” thingy which allows users to create their very own customizable GIFs featuring a bevy of NFL players, some backgrounds and their own choice of text.

Granted, there is a laundry list of words that cannot be used in the “GIFERATOR” thingamajobber — use your own imagination — which should come as no surprise.

There is one word, however, that is included in the blacklisted terms that is surprising, since it is neither a vulgar nor a profane word.

That word? Rice. Likely as in Ray Rice.

A “Madden 15 GIFERATOR” aficionado happened upon the curious development and posted evidence of it to Twitter.

The speculation would be that the creators behind the “GIFERATOR” — EA Sports and Google — realized that there are plenty of wisenheimers out there who would use the program to make disparaging observations and inappropriate comments about the currently suspended Baltimore Ravens running back, given the nature and controversy surrounding his punishment and how it relates to domestic violence.

What makes the banning of the word “Rice” even more curious, as D.C. Sports Bog notes, is that San Francisco 49ers defensive end Ray McDonald, who was arrested last Sunday on felony domestic violence charges, still is allowed.

The reason this may be the case is due to the fact that there currently are seven players on NFL rosters with the name “McDonald.” Ray Rice, on the other hand, is the only NFL player currently on a roster with that surname (Jerry Rice strangely is listed as a current NFL player in the preceding link).

But Ray Rice isn’t the only current star NFL player whose name has been blacklisted. Count Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker, currently serving a four-game suspension for PED use, also cannot be incorporated into a GIF:


Users can still use “Josh Gordon” in a GIF, though. The Cleveland Browns wide receiver is of course suspended for the entire 2014 NFL season for violating the league’s drug policy.


Weird, wild stuff. I guess the “Madden 15 GIFERATOR,” much like the country, has a pretty liberal view about marijuana use. It also warrants mentioning that “Josh” and “Gordon” are much more common than “Wes” or “Welker.”

Either way, one clever “GIFERATOR” dude managed to work around the inclusion of the name “Ray Rice” among the “illegal use of words” restriction. Check out how he pulled it off:

Well played, good sir. Well played, indeed. There’s always a workaround in these kind of situations.