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Facebook NFL fan map indicates that New York Jets fans are a lonely bunch (photo)


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A map from Sports on Facebook is a fascinating exercise in the dispersal of NFL team allegiances as broken down by regional loyalties.

The differently colored map reveals the preponderance of NFL loyalties based upon which team’s official Facebook page receives the most “Likes” in each particular county.

The regional, county-based loyalties break down relatively logically, with some teams bleeding out a bit into states outside the state where it is based, and it is usually is prompted by the adjacent state not having an NFL team of its own (i.e. North and South Dakota for Minnesota Vikings, Oklahoma for the Dallas Cowboys, etc.).

But one rather strange peculiarity emerges from the compiled data: There is not one county in the entire United States of America where the New York Jets reign supreme. Not a single county. Nada. Zilch.

Poor Jets fans. Wherever they may roam, they are a lonely bunch. NFL nomads wandering around a hostile landscape amid tribes of like-minded “Like” clickers.