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Cardinals fan irate over ‘pornographic’ Hardee’s commerical airing during ball games


A middle-aged St. Louis Cardinals fan wrote a letter to the editor at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch to bemoan the fact that a decent, God-fearing and church-going  fan can’t tune into a broadcast of a baseball game without being bombarded by “pornographic” commercials featuring scantily clad women chowing down on meaty hamburgers.

It’s bad enough to bring an 86-year-old woman to tears, writes one Cardinals fan residing in Florissant, Mo., in a tersely written letter published on the paper’s website Thursday.

Without further ado, the scathing, anti-burger-munching Hardee’s harlot, pornographic advertising in its entirety.

Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and pornography. That’s what you’ll get if you watch the St. Louis Cardinals on TV. Every fan I know has remarked on the filthy Hardee’s commercial featuring a nearly nude woman writhing in soap suds. It’s pornography, pure and simple.

A few Sundays ago I sat down with my family after church to watch the Cardinals. When this commercial came on, my 86-year-old mother, almost in tears said, “Why do they have to do this?” My 13-year-old granddaughter hid her face and my 11-year-old grandson was so embarrassed, he didn’t know where to look. My 89-year-old father — who played baseball in the St. Louis Browns organization — apologized “I’m sorry this is on my TV,” as if it were his fault.

Then it came on again, and my mom grabbed for the remote to try to turn the channel. We were all embarrassed. And then it came on again, and I got mad.

I couldn’t help but think of Stan Musial, the standard bearer of the Cardinals and a man of impeccable character. He had to be looking down from heaven with tears in his eyes.

Since then, I’ve called the offices of team owner Bill DeWitt Jr. and president Bill DeWitt III and left five messages. I have not had the courtesy of a return phone call. Unfortunately, Hardee’s money trumps fans’ concerns. Maybe thousands need to call the DeWitts. Will they listen?

Hoo boy, that’s a whole heaping helping of familial awkwardness right there.

For scientific and comparative purposes and scientific and comparative purposes only, this is likely the commercial in question.

The commercial of course is provocative — like all Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. spots, all the way back to Katherine Webb’s steamy spot —  but hardly rises to the level of pornography, obviously. Scandalous and sultry, to be sure, but not smut, in the strictest interpretation of the word.

It’s not surprising that some more genteel folks could be troubled by being subjected to such semi-tawdry imagery, but no matter how many times this fellow calls the Cardinals’ team owner and president, the chances are slim to none that commercial is going to be pulled from Cardinals broadcasts. Money talks and … you know.

Also, Hardee’s — or Carl’s Jr., depending on where you live — is good. So, so good.

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