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Baltimore Orioles fans name son Camden Yards because there you go (video)


A couple of Baltimore Orioles fans, presumably with the surname “Yards,” apparently in a flash of baseball-and-ballpark-loving inspiration as they awaited the birth of their son, decided it would be a hoot (do Orioles hoot? If so, that would be funny) to named their son Camden.

Ipso facto, there is now a child living on this spinning marble we call Earth named “Camden Yards.” Because, uh, why not, right?

The now-10-year-old boy paid a visit to the ballpark that shares his name — technically, the Orioles’ home ballpark is named Oriole Park at Camden Yards, but there’s no need to split hairs or quibble — and was interviewed in what appears to be a stadium suite.

Not only that, he even got down on the field and had the opportunity to meet Orioles skipper Buck Showalter.

Well, if a kid named Camden Yards can’t get down on the field at Camden Yards, who can?

As noted by Cut4, young Camden isn’t the only person named after a revered ballpark. Meet baseball prospect Fenway Parks.


Fantastic. And before we criticize, at least this kid’s parents had some inspiration for the name. The hippie parents who named their son Cherokee Parks have no such excuse.

That is probably the first and last time the former Duke Blue Devils basketball player will ever be mentioned on SoB. Or any other sports blog, for that matter.