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Aaron Rodgers snubs Richard Sherman after game, but the two later hug it out (GIF/pic)


It was a snub for the ages when Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, fresh off a 36-16 whupping at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday night, appeared to throw shade at Richard Sherman after encountering the cornerback during the teams’ postgame of-field meet-and-greet.

Cold-blooded! There probably hasn’t been as an egregious of a snub since Kramer snubbed Jerry’s old girlfriend Gail Cunningham.

Of course, given Sherman’s proclivity for smack talk, there is a chance that he may have said something to Rodgers to rankle — or at least irk — the Packers signal-caller. Perhaps Sherman made mention of the fact that Rodgers did not throw a football in his direction all night, not even once.


That may have been prompted by the fact that Sherman was on Green Bay’s No. 3 receiver Jarrett Boykin all night, something that rubbed former NFL wide receiver great Hines Ward the wrong way.

Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman tweeted out the conversation he was with Ward evisceration of Sherman.

There you have it. Ward thinks Sherman is not the best, Jerry. Not the best.

But back to the supposed burgeoning Sherman-Rodgers feud. Do not fret, folks, there isn’t one. The two superstars appeared to have made peace later, as the two were spotted hugging it out.

Whew. Thank goodness. The last thing this crazy NFL world needs is for these two guys to have bad blood between them. Or something.

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