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Tiger Woods portrait comprised entirely of Nike swooshes is incredible (photo)


Tiger Woods’ season may have ended prematurely due to injury, but the golfer remains one of the most popular athletes on the planet, and will remain so until he ultimately decides to put the clubs down for good, if not longer. Whether the time that comes is up to him or it is forced upon him by his breaking-down body remains to be seen.

Regardless, the way in which Woods continues to hold a captivating hold in not only in golf circles but the world at large is illustrated — literally and figuratively — by a recent portrait of the golfer by German artist Andy Gellenberg, who used only Nike swooshes in the creation of the piece.


Absolutely incredible. One suggestion: How about an obscure appearance by “Cigar Guy.” Remember him?

Of course, there is perhaps no more appropriate singular thing through which to create a Tiger Woods portrait, as Nike and Tiger have become inextricably linked over the years of their mutually beneficial professional relationship.

Well, the most fitting thing except for perhaps a completely busted-up 9-iron, but that’s more or less an unnecessary — and dated — cheap shot.

Moving on, Gellenberg also created “Nike Swoosh Portraits” of LeBron James and skateboarder Paul Rodriguez. Both are pretty incredible as well (here).

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