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Colts wideout T.Y. Hilton zings Richard Sherman with snarky autograph (photo)


(image via @ARRohr)

To one-up Richard Sherman in trash-talking is a difficult undertaking, but Indianapolis Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton may have accomplished the challenging feat by zinging the outspoken Seattle Seahawks cornerback by giving him a taste of his own medicine.

A photograph autographed by Hilton surfaced on Twitter Tuesday that indicates the wideout knows a little bit about Sherman’s trolling ways. Given that the Hilton is shown outrunning Sherman in the aforementioned photograph, Hilton used the image to deliver a dose of comeuppance by adding “Sorry Sherman” to the traditional autograph featuring his name and number.

Hilton delivered the zinger during an autograph signing at Collector’s Den in Indianapolis on Tuesday when fan Alec Rohr presented him with a photo to autograph.

Rohr documented Hilton signing the photo and even got a snapshot of himself posing alongside the receiver.


(image via @ARRohr)


(image via @ARRohr)

The reason that Hilton’s autograph job is a master class demonstration of trolling is that Sherman once autographed a photo depicting “The Tip,” the clinching play in last year’s NFC Championship game when he tipped a pass directed to Michael Crabtree with “Sorry Crabtree.”


(image via @steinersports)

Sherman has made it a habit of using trash talk for autograph inspiration. He previously used the “U Mad Bro?” meme from his post-game trash talking of Tom Brady when autographing a photo documenting the documented on-field tête-à-tête with the New England Patriots quarterback.


(image via @steinersports)

But as far as the “Sorry Sherman” autograph from Hilton, it’s a job more than well done. It takes a lot of gumption and savvy to outwit Sherman and beat him at his own game. And Hilton arguably pulled it off.

What remains to be seen is if Sherman chooses to respond to Hilton’s subtle bit of trash talk. Goodness knows Sherman finds it hard to resist a challenge of this nature (see here and here).