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Was Ronda Rousey a Pokémon forum moderator as a teenager? (photo)


A fantastic find emerged on reddit MMA on Tuesday that indicates that Ronda Rousey, the reigning UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion and all-around cool chick, may have a little bit of nerd in her, at least during her teenage years.

A screengrab that purportedly is of Rousey’s Pokémon forum moderator profile page from when she was a 16-year-old follows below, and it is all kinds of awesome.


(click to enlarge)

There is no way other for Rousey herself to confirm the validity of the profile page, but the 27-year-old MMA champ once indicated that she was in fact a big Pokémon fan in her younger days (via SB Nation):

To lend further possible validity to the above page is pro-Pokémon comments Rousey made in an interview with Tommy Toe Hold in August (via For the Win):

“Mew is the originator of all the other Pokémons… Mew is the original one and [all the other Pokémon] came from that one. And, you couldn’t catch Mew in the original game. You had to use the lavender town…. I actually went to the mall for those Pokémon events, those little tournaments to get me a Mew. I wanted Mew so bad. I like waited in line with all the other nerds for hours. I wanted to get me a Mew, and a Mew certificate of authenticity that I taped to my wall.”

Those comments certainly appear to be the clincher, right? She cops to being a huge Pokémon fan. The only question is if the above screengrab is actually her profile page.

With all that in mind, please let this be her real forum moderator profile page. It would make Rousey somehow that much more of a compelling personality. To know that she was no different than the average neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie in her younger days only makes her cooler.