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Report: Ohio State fans now able to nark on fans ‘who do not sit during game play’


“Sit the heck down, would ya? Jeez!”

It goes without saying that attending any kind of football game, be it professional, college, high school, what have you — not to mention any other kind of sporting event — can come with the risk of being annoyed by those fans seated around you. In fact, being annoyed by other people are part and parcel of merely venturing out in public in this day and age. Self-absorption, single-minded selfishness and outright rudeness are practically considered redeeming qualities these days it seems.

With that in mind, Ohio State should be commended for the university’s efforts to ensure that anyone attending a Buckeyes game at the Horseshoe this season are afforded the opportunity to enjoy the game without the experience being marred by loudmouthed hooligans who cannot handle their liquor or are unable to not be colossal boors … perhaps both.

According to a WBNS-TV report, authorities at Ohio Stadium have instituted a program that allows fans to report unsavory behavior being exhibted by fans seated nearby them at Ohio Stadium — which now boasts 2,600 more seats heading into the Buckeyes’ 2014 campaign — to the proper authorities, in this case, stadium personnel.

To control the extra fans, game staff members will be ready to resolve problems instantly and will let fans report issues directly to them from their smartphones.  Fans can text ‘BRUTUS’ to 69050 and stadium staff or police will respond to your issue.  That includes fans who are misbehaving, swearing, inebriated, or who do not sit during game play.  Law enforcement officers add that they want fans to report any suspicious activity.

Fans who are misbehaving, swearing or are exhibiting extreme cases of inebriation — or likely some combination of both — should be dealt with in the appropriate manner and extreme prejudice if necessary, be it a stern warning by security or expulsion from the stadium.

But fans who won’t sit during game play and refuse to sit down? To report a fellow fan for such a ridiculous perceived transgression is a sad commentary on the state of fans today, especially if that is the kind of things people would deem as something that is ruining their game day experience.

Then again, as noted above, a person can’t leave the house these days without getting annoyed by other people, even if said annoyance is over the ridiculous things that annoy other people.

The Ohio State Buckeyes open their season at the Horseshoe with a game against Virginia Tech on Saturday. Let’s hope no one gets in trouble for standing and cheering.

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