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Another NFL season, another edition of ‘NFL Quarterbacks If They Were Bald’ (pics)


The concept is simple enough, but the payoff is phenomenal. Take headshots of prominent NFL quarterbacks such as Eli Manning, Johnny Manziel, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson and the like and Photoshop a good old fashioned chrome dome atop their signal-calling scalp.

Thankfully, much as they did last season, the wisenheimers at pulled out a “NFL Quarterbacks If They Were Bald” feature, and suffice to say, it’s an amusing exercise in tomfoolery.

Above you see what Eli Manning would appear if he were bald, below are a few others. Enjoy.

johnny-manziel-bald robert-griffin-iii-bald russell-wilson-bald

Fantastic. Johnny Football looks more like “Johnny Shuffleboard.”

Be sure to check out the other quarterbacks featured in the Bald NFL Quarterback Gallery. It’s well worth your time and will deliver a chuckle, if not a guffaw.

(thanks for the heads up, Dan)