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Robert Mathis leaves messages in locker before serving four-game suspension (pics)


Robert Mathis was noticeably absent on Monday as the Indianapolis Colts linebacker and reigning 2013 NFL sack leader began serving a four-game suspension imposed by the league back in May for violating the league drug policy, something Mathis attributed to his taking of unapproved fertility drugs.

Be that as it may, Mathis will not be able to have any contact with team employees or players, nor will he be allowed to visit any team facility, until after his suspension ends on Sept. 28. His first game back will be on Oct. 5 against the Baltimore Ravens.

Before beginning his approximately one-month-long, NFL-imposed exile, Mathis tried to make sure he would not be forgotten by teammates during his suspension by leaving a message in his locker specifically directed at them.

The note reads (as transcribed by

“Athletes: Don’t take the sport you play for granted. Every time you play, you better be damn thankful that you get to do something you love. Don’t show up to practice complaining about not wanting to be there; you’re there hopefully because you love it. “Work hard every moment. If you’re not working hard, you don’t deserve to play. Play every practice or game like it’s your last because it very well could be.”

A very motivational and “rah-rah” message, to be sure, and one that was slightly less snarky — or in this case, salty — than the other message Mathis left behind in his locker, this one seemingly directed at the NFL regarding its suspension of the star linebacker.

There you have it. Whether or not Mathis actually engages in some fishing during his suspension is unknown. What is known, however, is that Mathis is indeed “#salted” about it.