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A Song of Leaders and Legends: ‘Game of Thrones’ theme added to Big Ten spot (video)

Utilizing “Game of Thrones” to create video mashups, memes and whatnot on the Internet arguably already has passed its saturation point and reached the level of being completely played out.

But one person managed to nevertheless create a clever and compelling mashup which features the “GoT” theme music played over the “Big Ten Country” commercial with the various schools being likened to the many great houses of Westeros and elsewhere, resulting in a phenomenal ode to both the series and the conference.

It’s phenomenally well done, although it’s unfortunate that Penn State, Rutgers and Maryland weren’t separated from the other schools with a Narrow Sea-like body of water. It would better represent the schools’ nonexistent proximity to the other conference members, geographically speaking.

(Note: Leaders and Legends obviously are no longer the names of the Big Ten divisions, but “A Song of East and West” doesn’t carry the same panache)

[H/T College Spun]