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Browns LB Christian Kirksey is 14 inches tall courtesy of ‘Madden 15’ glitch (video)


Cleveland Browns rookie linebacker Christian Kirksey may measure an imposing 6’2″ and 235 pounds in real life, but his pixelated representation in the video game world stands much shorter, a mega-mini-me who likely would not survive a single snap in NFL football.

Courtesy of yet another hilarious glitch in “Madden 15” — there have been some other awesome ones as well — Kirksey measures only 14 inches tall, about the same size as an average Smurf, a forest species we all know stand about three apples tall.

To make the glitchy matters more comical, Kirskey is featured in a fan-uploaded video as a member of the Tennessee Titans in the game, not the Browns.

Watch as the shrunken Kirksey attempts to make a tackle on a substantially larger opponent who just jumps over the diving, diminutive player. His effort is rewarded by being crushed by his much bigger Titans teammate.

Fantastic. But if you think for one second that just because he is so small in stature that “Madden 15” Kirksey can’t play, think again. Here he is recovering a fumble.

A great play, but the chances are slim that he’ll be able to take the fumble recovery to the house as the ball is bigger than he is.

Kirksey, to his credit, is maintaining a sense of humor about it all, taking to Twitter to make light of the glitch.

Live big, indeed.

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