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Bubba Watson corn maze? Bubba Watson corn maze (photo)


(image credit: Beaches to Woodland Tour)

Sweet Season Farms in Berrydale, Fla., has immortalized native Floridian Bubba Watson with an eight-acre corn maze on its property. The ginormous maize maze is the centerpiece of over 40 attractions and events related to the annual Beaches to Woodlands Tour of Santa Rosa County.

“I feel honored to be represented in such a big way in my hometown,” Watson is quoted as saying in a Beaches to Woodlands Tour news release. “It’s unique and very special.”

Watson earlier teased the real-deal corn maze with an imagined version of it back in late August.

The corn maze is sponsored by local folks Sharon and Trent Matthews.

“What Bubba achieved by winning the Masters was an historic accomplishment that brought excitement to our household and our entire area,” Trent Mathews said in a release.

Also from the release:

Watson approved the design and has donated promotional items to be used as giveaways. In April, after winning his second Masters championship, Watson returned to his hometown where he donated items to the Bagdad Historical Museum, which will be on display during the tour. He also visited several local schools where he made sizable donations.

Since I previously exhausted my allotment of corn puns in a post last week about a Chicago White Sox corn maze, I’ll spare readers any further hackneyed attempts. That way, no one will opt to bend my “ear” with any complaints.


Moving on, the best part of the maze itself is that it is incapable of swearing up a storm and berating a caddie, something the real Bubba had to apologize for after doing so during the PGA Championship with caddie Ted Scott bearing the brunt of his conduct.