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Guy forced to stand on street corner in dress after losing fantasy football league (pic)


It seems that a movement is ensuing in fantasy football leagues across the country that demonstrates it is not bad enough to come in last place, one must be subjected to further humiliation, utilizing creative means to really drive the point home.

Case in point: Here’s a guy standing on a street corner in Charlotte, N.C. As you can see, he is wearing a dress and standing near a sign that reads, “MY FANTASY FOOTBALL TEAM SUCKS … HONK IF YOU WANT TO SEE ME DANCE.”

While little has been gleaned about the identity of this guy, nor can we confirm this is the actual endgame that occurred after he brought up the rear in his fantasy football league or some kind of hackneyed attempt at attracting attention, the guy sure seems to be enjoying himself.

The photo above originally was posted on Friday morning by a Brittany Bagley on Twitter, who subsequently informed NBC Charlotte that the individual in question apparently goes by the name of Jason Horton and the photograph was taken by one of her pals.

There you have it. A hastily performed and lazily executed social media search did not elicit any solid results regarding this Jason Horton fellow, but chances are good that he will emerge on the interwebs sooner rather than later. And if he does, we’d love to hear his story.

As noted above, shenanigans tied to the outcomes of fantasy leagues such as this one are becoming more and more commonplace. Just a few weeks ago, a guy who finished last in his fantasy football league had to put together a humiliatingly hilarious calendar featuring him Photoshopped in embarrassing ways. Expect the trend to continue.

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