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Puckhead leaf wranglers will love to get their hands on this hockey stick rake (photo)


As summer transitions into autumn, those of us with yards and trees look out our windows with a combination of anticipation and dread as we watch the leaves make a change from a robust green to varying hues of yellow, gold, amber and red.

And while the transformation demonstrates the majestic beauty of Nature as it cycles through the seasons, it also serves as notification of impending backaches, calloused hands and windblown faces, as it means it is almost time to start raking, something that devolves into a Sisyphean task as leaves begin falling as soon as the last leaf in the yard is raked up.

Thankfully, along with autumn and all the leaf-raking it entails for homeowners, the season also means hockey is ready to make its triumphant return.

So why not combine those two harbingers of winter with the hockey stick rake?

eBay’s Hidden Treasures describes the hybrid item:

Are you tired of raking the old fashion way?? Why not try the rake with a Hockey Stick shaft. This fun rake allows user to practice the slapshot motion while raking.

Training tool for young hockey players or a great gift for the hockey fan. This includes free shipping to a commercial address with a loading dock or a location with a forklift on site. Buy these and resell them for your local fundraiser.

I am tired of raking the old fashioned way. That’s why mow them up with the bag attached on my lawnmower, dump the chopped up leaves into those ginormous grocery bags and use my leaf blower-sucker-up-vacuum thingamajobber to clean up the rest.

Yes, I am lazy.

Sadly, it appears the hockey stick rake can only be purchased in bulk, with the minimum order consisting of 500 rakes for $4,500. Only four lots of that amount are available, so those interested better get cracking before all them are raked up!

[H/T Puck Daddy]