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Adam Jones irks fans, says airport is favorite place in Baltimore … so he can fly home


Adam Jones was the guest of honor at the Baltimore Orioles’ second-annual “Social Media Night” on Thursday before the team hosted the Tampa Bay Rays at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go off without a hitch the centerfield Roof Deck at the ballpark, where the event was held.

Jones is receiving some bad press for his reported behavior during the Q&A, specifically how he gave short, sometimes sarcastic responses to questions posed by some of the 250 fans who paid between $50-$60 to attend “Social Media Night with @SIMPLYAJ10” (Jones’ Twitter handle is @SIMPLYAJ10).

The crux of the criticism directed at Jones centers around his response that the airport is his favorite place in Baltimore … because that’s where he departs from when he flies home.

Jones said after the game that he was joking and he meant that the reason he likes the airport so much is because that’s where he picks up family and friends when they come to visit. A pretty flimsy explanation of the intended meaning behind his comments, to say the least.

“I guess my shtick wasn’t appreciated at the time,” Jones said, according to a report from the Baltimore Sun. “But I had a good time. I’ll do it again, and I probably should do it again.”

The outfielder also defended his short answers by pointing out that the event was being held just before game time, causing his focus to turn elsewhere. The event stretched into an hour before the first pitch.

“You can’t please everybody, but I had a good time,” Jones said. “It ran close to game time, and once about 5:45, 6 o’clock comes around, my focus gets strong towards the game.”

The timing of the event — so close to the start of a game — certainly is questionable and arguably helps explain why Jones’ attention wasn’t completely locked in  on the Q&A. It certainly doesn’t excuse Jones’ somewhat standoffish behavior, but it helps explain it.

Jones more often than not is a pretty affable guy on social media, where he boasts over 148,000 followers on Twitter, so he’s got a pretty good relationship with Orioles fans on that front.

Perhaps Jones will get another crack at this kind of event and that next time, “Social Media Night” will be scheduled at a more convenient time to better accommodate the ballplayer’s schedule related to when it’s time to take the field.

[H/T Big League Stew, top image via @orioles]