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Robbie Hummel announces hip hop album, promptly retires from rap game (pic)


Minnesota Timberwolves second-year small forward Robbie Hummel created some waves on social media on Wednesday when he posted a photo on Instagram to announce he was about to drop a hip hop album.

“Excited to announce that I’ve been in the studio grinding and have finally finished my first hip hop studio album, ROB: Road to Redemption,” Hummel writes in the post featuring a photo at him presumably spitting rhymes into a microphone in the studio. “Look for it in stores and on iTunes this fall. #getmysnareup #turnmyheadphonesup!!!”

Hummel, who is about the last NBA player one would expect to be getting in on the rap game — look at him (also: he went to Purdue, hardly the bastion for budding hip hop artists) — even hinted at some of the dope rhymes he’ll be dropping on his new album.

Again, dope. Hummel even attempted to recruit 50 Cent for his album.

While Hummel hinted that he would be delivering a sneak peek at a track on Wednesday…

…the basketball player promptly announced his retirement from the rap game on Thursday morning.

Well, that was a short-lived rap career. All bluster, no beats. Although it’s probably for the best that Hummel gave up the game so quickly, as he may not be cut out for the cutthroat hip hop business, given his Twitter bio states that he’s “Still afraid of scary movies and bad thunderstorms.” Yeah.

Before Hummel announced his rap retirement, the Timberwolves had a little fun at their player’s expense, trolling him on Twitter.

To which Hummel replied:

But in the end, it was all for naught. It was a good run and fun while it lasted. Not really, but you know…