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Johnny Manziel is aerobics instructor ‘Johnny JamBoogie’ in new Snickers spot (video)


Following the theme of the long-running “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign of Snickers commercials, Johnny Manziel, like others before him, just isn’t himself in a new spot for the candy bar.

The Cleveland Browns rookie is so off his game, in fact, that he finds himself leading an aerobics class as some kind of confused hip-swaying, arm-moving alter ego named “Johnny JamBoogie.”

Thankfully, a bemused “teammate” strolls into the class, hands Johnny “JamBoogie” a Snickers and everything returns to normal as Manziel returns to being Johnny Football.

Bravo. As the classic “SNL” bit goes, “Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one?” But in this instance, there is no sarcasm implied, only praise. We’re talking CLIO Award-worthy praise.

Now, as “Johnny JamBoogie” says, who’s got a pelvis?

Fantastic. Now if they can only pair Manziel up with the “Great Googly Moogly Guy” from that classic Snickers ad of yore.

Snickers is only one of several endorsement deals Manziel has landed. Along with the candy bar, Manziel also has signed on with Nike and MusclePharm, among others.

[H/T @darrenrovell, GIF via The Big Lead]