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Popovich to campers in old footage: ‘I don’t really give a s**t what your names are’ (vid)


San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich’s curmudgeonly attitude is so consistent, so predictable that it almost rises to the level of schtick. There’s simply no way the grouchiness he always displays can be authentic. It has to be somewhat contrived, part of some show he puts on for the media. No man can be that perpetually annoyed and profoundly cantankerous, right?

Some found footage from a basketball camp Pop was running back in 2006 — it recently popped up on reddit — that indicates Popovich is exactly the man that he presents himself as: A grouchy, short-tempered S.O.B. who cares little for societal norms and social mores.

While attempting to be nice to some young campers by asking their names before using them in a demonstration, the true Pop comes through, despite his best efforts to obscure his brutal honesty.

After a curt introduction and handshakes with the three young men, Pop says, “I’ll forget your names, but I thought it was polite to at least ask, or start that way.”

Then Pop drops the truth bomb: “Because I don’t really give a shit what your names are, so…”

Fantastic. Don’t ever change, Gregg Popovich, you miserably wonderful old crank.

[H/T Deadspin]