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Francisco Cervelli takes foul tip to the nuts, miraculously stays in game (video)


New York Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli was on the receiving end of foul tip off the bat of Detroit Tigers outfielder Rajai Davis during the 5th inning of Wednesday’s 8-4 win.

While a catcher catching a foul ball off any part of his body in and of itself can be a bad thing — even with all the padded equipment they don behind the plate — the specific area the foul tip caught Cervelli made it a particularly painful experience, indeed.

Yep, he was hit straight in the groin. The nuts. The balls. The man parts. However you choose to refer to that especially sensitive area of the male anatomy, it is an occurrence that will cause any man to squirm in his seat merely from hearing about it.

Yamma hamma. How about the announcers intimating that they suspected Cervelli was hit in the collarbone? Nope, it was far further south, guys.

Cervelli writhed in obvious agony for some time but miraculously remained in the game. Yankees fan and FOX Sports guy Jimmy Traina indicated in the Instagram post of the below video that Cervelli does not wear a cup, which is probably why the pain inflicted upon his groinal area was so incredibly insufferable.

Yeesh. Despite having the “intesticular” fortitude to remain in the game, methinks Cervelli sought out the comfort of a very cold, very icy tub in which to soak all the pain away. In fact, he’s probably still sitting on a bag of ice somewhere.