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Fan oblivious to fact he’s about to get drilled with A.J. Pierzynski’s airborne bat (video)


A St. Louis Cardinals fan seated in the front row was drilled in the melon with A.J. Pierzynski’s flying bat during Wednesday afternoon’s matinee ballgame between the Redbirds and Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park.

Pierzynski, serving as a pinch hitter late in St. Louis’ 3-1 loss, lost his grip on the bat and it launched upward and outward, tumbling through the air and hurtling towards the seats.

Pretty much everyone else in the section saw the bat coming, save for one guy: The one guy who ultimately was drilled by the bat, which descended upon the completely oblivious fan like a heat-seeking missile.

The woman seated next to the fan partially deflected the flying projectile, but not enough to save her fellow baseball-watching companion — well, that’s a stretch, as the guy clearly wasn’t paying attention to the game — from getting hit by the bat.

Here it is in all its super-slo-mo glory (GIF via Deadspin):

Amazing. To paraphrase a classic line from “Bones Brigade Video III: The Search for Animal Chin,” that bat went “Owwuda Owwuda Owwuda Shaglank!” right on that dude’s head. Gnarly.

I am assuming that maybe only two of you thrashers out there got that reference. Talk about not knowing your audience. Good grief.

All kidding aside, you gotta be paying better attention to the game than this guy when you’re sitting in those kind of seats, man.