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Seahawks fan Bill VandenBush has team logo on prosthetic eye (photo)


When it comes to unique and unconventional ways to profess one’s support for a favorite sports team, few are going to be able to outdo Bill VandenBush.

The longtime Seattle Seahawks fan has an eye prosthesis with  the team’s logo on it.

On his 10th wedding anniversary in July, VandenBush, a loyal and passionate fan since the 1970s, was surprised when he received the prosthetic eye bearing the Seahawks logo from his wife as a gift.

“I had mentioned it to my wife. She wasn’t a big Seahawks fan,” VandenBush told KIRO-TV. “I said it’d be cool to have Seahawks logo right there in my eye.”

VandenBush has the need for a prosthetic eye after being seriously wounded during a tour of duty in Vietnam.

“I was blown up and shot five times,” he said, recalling how he was caught in gunfire while trying to get to a downed helicopter, during which he lost his right eye and suffered injuries to his vocal chords.

VandenBush says he has two prosthetic eyes and that he intends to break out the eye with the Seahawks logo on it for “special occasions,” which includes each and every Seahawks game.

“Every game I’ll have it in, or any gathering with Seahawks’ fans present.”

Other times, he simply will wear his regular prosthetic eye, one that lacks any team-specific embellishments.

VandenBush says that people are sometimes surprised that he remains so positive despite the injuries he suffered in combat.

“I believe that even though I have been totally disabled, I try to have a good time with it. With the voice and eye, I try to make the best of it. You have to play the cards you’re dealt. I volunteered to go to Vietnam, this is what happened, I have to live with it,” he said. “I could be bitter and angry, or I can just have a good time with it.”

In case you’re wondering, this isn’t the first diehard fan to get a prosthetic eye bearing a sports team logo. A Kansas City Chiefs fan achieved some notoriety for his team logo eye in 2012 and a Chicago Cubs fan took the same route to superfandom in 2013.

(photo courtesy of Bill VandenBush)